Recycled Birdhouse Company

birdhouse Each year the men at Brown's Foster Home build hundreds of "one of a kind birdhouses" from recycled materials and antique lumber.

The birdhouse pictured on this page is an example of how we recycle anything into a perch (please... no birdie jokes).

All of our birdhouses are constructed and finished for exterior use.

Every birdhouse that we build is a unique creation. They are numbered, dated, photographed and cataloged, making each a collectible piece of folk art.

The materials we have to work with guide us in the creative process. 200 year old barnboard, tree fungus, a trim board from an antique house with 5 layers of peeling paint, rusty hardware and drift wood are all sources for inspiration.

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What's New!
recycled birdfeeder

A unique screen tray hanging platform feeder constructed with recycled parts from our birdhouses and used or leftover asphalt roof shingles.

$49 including shipping
2006 Posters $10

$7 from each poster sale will be donated to the Red Cross Emergency Communities for Hurricane Katrina relief

"In A Perfect World"

The "perch free" responsibility... Providing a good nesting box and why..

"Maintaining your Birdhouse Roof"

As the boat builders say, "if you're gonna put it outside, varnish the heck out of it" ... and this is how I'd do it.

Recycled Birdhouse Company
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